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Episode 3: The Great Change

As factory life establishes a profound ripple effect throughout the Blackstone Valley and beyond, one of its most massive by-products is found in Lowell, Massachusetts, where Slatersville native Dr. Elisha Bartlett becomes the city’s first Mayor.  Following his life in politics, Dr. Bartlett writes prolifically about medicine, poetry and teaching, becoming one of the world’s most respected doctors of the era.  As brothers Samuel and John, and his wife Ruth, approach the ends of their lives, their excruciating hardships of loss are felt, as their village must adapt to changing times.  As French-Canadians immigrate to the neighboring city of Woonsocket during the Civil War, their population spills into to Slatersville, transforming its community into a foreign-sounding and multi-cultured village. (57 minutes)  

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